The Canadian Landscape Contest – Andrew O’Brien

Andrew O’Brien

©Andrew O'Brien

‘Gold Rush’  One day in late fall of 2009 I was traveling down a little gravel road just North of Garrington Bridge, near my home town of Sundre, Alberta when I noticed this marshy area. The water was just starting to ice over, and I was impressed with all the shades of gold found in the dry grasses and the Tamarack Larch trees.


6 Responses to “The Canadian Landscape Contest – Andrew O’Brien”

  1. Really, really nice. Wish the branches weren’t in the upper right corner though. Nice seeing.

  2. Al Wgner Says:

    Nice fall shot, really like the mood in this one.


  3. Hey Andrew, Good to see someone else from Sundre enjoys photography and follows this blog site. Nice imge. Mike Kapiczowski

  4. Dan and Al, thank you for your comments. Hi Mike, small world. Yes I really enjoy this site/blog. Lots of good pointers and excellent images posted. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Andrew, you seem to have a real eye for seeing the beauty in simple things. Where can I see more of your work?

  6. Al Wgner Says:

    Thansks for the reply Andrew, as I live in the Sundre Area also and that shot brought back some nice fall memeories.

    Al Wagner

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