The Canadian Landscape Contest – Darren Van Sprang

Darren Van Sprang

©Darren Van Sprang

I have my own business which is based along the North Shore of Shuswap Lake. I read up on a few photo magazines, including Outdoor Photography Canada, and love the tips that the photographers give in their articles. One tip was not to leave your camera at home when there is over cast or dull cloudy day’s. I usually bring my camera with me, but was getting frustrated with the overcast. As I was about to leave my camera gear at home that day, I remembered the tip.

Working on a job that day in Anglemont, down on Lucerne Beach, I couldn’t help notice the lake and how calm it was. You could see down the lake as far as Copper Island, without even a ripple. Working along I noticed the sky break a bit. The wind was picking up far down the lake and everything was going to change quickly. Running out to my truck I grabbed my pack and tripod and captured this photo along the beach.

I live in such a beautiful place and totally appreciate being able to practice one of my love of life (which is outdoor photography). I get up early or stay out late, what ever it takes to photograph this area. I do wish I had more time though. Taken with my Canon 50D, and Tokina 11 to 16mm lens, at aperture f/6.3, with a Cokin 3 stop graduated Filter and Slik pro 500DX Trypod. Cloudy and rainy day’s are becoming my favorite time to shoot now.


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