The Canadian Landscape Contest – Robert Scott

Robert Scott

©Robert Scott


The Twilight Zone

This photo of an old abandoned house was taken along a gravel township road South East of Vulcan Alberta. I composed the shot between two large silo’s to illustrate how traditional farming life has made way for ‘big business’. The sun rises and sets and high above star trails remind us of just how quickly time passes.

These old abandoned homesteads are dying. Farmers are throwing a match to them because they have become a nuisance. Farmers pay a hefty property tax on these pioneer buildings all the while chasing thieves and vandals (and occasional photographers) off their land.


4 Responses to “The Canadian Landscape Contest – Robert Scott”

  1. Everything about this image is superb. From concept, colors, composition, execution. Just wonderful!

  2. This is an absolute beautiful shot! Captivating from first glance!! Just looking at it and trying to pick apart how long your exposure was, if there were lights put in the house, if you light painted the silos or if it was a flash, if there are headlights in the mid ground.
    Anyway sorry for the ramble… Spectacular shot my friend!! Ciao

  3. Big business looming. Love it!

  4. What an intriguing composition and I LOVE those star trails. Fantastic 🙂

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