The Canadian Landscape Contest – Darren Barclay

Darren Barclay

©Darren Barclay


I shot this image of the little spring along the Yellowhead Highway (the Glory Hole) in Jasper NP shortly after New Year’s Day this past Jan. I was driving home from Jasper and had kind of written off shooting sunrise as the clouds had descended to treetop level and it looked like nothing was really going to happen. I figured I would at least put myself in position to get some shots if something did happen. When I drove by this place, I was greeted with a small window of clear skies (relatively speaking) and ice fog along the Miette Range. I was pretty surprised so I pulled a quick u turn, stopped, grabbed my gear and hit the ditch running. The light was constantly changing and I was running around like a madman for about 45 minutes shooting different compositions until the light fizzelled out. On this particular shot, I chose a fairly short shutter speed to freeze the trickle of water around the rocks and sticks. The fog diffused the light enough to give the mountains and sky a nice, soft pastel look.


2 Responses to “The Canadian Landscape Contest – Darren Barclay”

  1. All the images I see at this blog are very good, but once in awhile one jumps out at me. Your image did that. I cannot really put my finger on why -I just like it. If it was enlarged and hanging on one of my walls it would be one I would not get tired of. Thanks.

  2. The light and tones are magical. I can feel the calmness and the power. An excellent image, Darren!


    Ray Chong
    Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

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