The Canadian Landscape Contest – Earl Hansen

Earl Hansen

©Earl Hensen


The picture was taken within the last few weeks on a trail to Mount Rose near Armstrong, BC. My dog and I were planning to walk to the top of the mountain on that day as we had been having unseasonably warm weather. We turned around however, when the trail became too icy and steep. On the way back we came to a grove of good-sized cedar trees. There seemed to be an “aura” about this particular grove, however. The light was quite subdued, filtered by the trees, almost reverent. The air was crisp. The forest was absolutely silent. In the midst of this grove one large tree dominated the scene. It had snapped and fallen over, its trunk lay horizontally at a striking 90 degree angle to all of the living trees that surrounded it still reaching for the sky. 

After a few moment I grabbed my camera from my backpack to see if I could capture something from the tableau before me. It was as it there was a vigil or a ceremony taking place here that transcended the routines and time frame of humankind yet appealed to a shared reverence for life by all living things. The camera I used was a Kodak EasyShare Z740 with a 38-380 Retinar lens.


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