The Canadian Landscape Contest – Jeff Laverton

Jeff Laverton

©Jeff Laverton


Canada hosts such vast tracts of natural beauty that I feel very fortunate indeed to have lived here my whole life. Vancouver’s winters have a justified reputation for being mild and rainy (i.e. dull, overcast skies which provide un-flattering light for landscape photographers) but, as anyone who’s lived here for a while knows, there are always those few winter mornings when the cold, high-pressure systems have brought freezing levels down low enough to give us the first dusting of snow on the local mountains, and they’re unveiled by the following mornings’ clear sunrise. Magic!


2 Responses to “The Canadian Landscape Contest – Jeff Laverton”

  1. This really is magical. What an interesting piece in the foreground, and the pastel color and moving fog provides such an ethereal setting. I love it!

    • Thanks, aswirly. I too loved the almost alien feel of the pilings in the foreground. Returning to this spot to shoot it again, I found that those pilings are gone now, making me even more grateful that I got there and captured this image when I did!

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