The Canadian Landscape Contest – John Tajima

John Tajima

©John Tajima

This was taken by the Dunlop Trail in Gatineau Park, QC. The lighting on this day was great – overcast, and the stream was under a number of evergreens, so there was a nice diffused lighting. Mind you, it was pretty chilly that day.

I took this with a D200, tripod and a 9x ND filter to slow down the shutter to 30secs, which gives the water a beautiful dreamy feeling to it.


3 Responses to “The Canadian Landscape Contest – John Tajima”

  1. What a wonderful image. I love the softly blurred water and the light build up of ice on the surrounding rocks is magical. I’m amazed by the soft even light as well. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Which is the Dunlop Trail? I’m familiar with Dunlop Road that goes to Camp Fortune but not Dunlop Trail.

    • Charles, there’s a picnic area off Meech Road near Dunlop Road. That’s it. I guess it’s not really a trail (but others called it Dunlop Trail). Here’s maps link to the spot:

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