The Canadian Landscape Contest – Mike Kapiczowski

Mike Kapiczowski

©Mike Kapiczowski


I was at a conference at the Banff Centre the first of September. This image of Mt. Rundle with the fall leaves was shot from the north parking lot of the Centre. I have taught 2 beginner photo courses this winter in Sundre. I have used this image as one of my teaching images. First, it shows the effects of a polarizing filter. It shows how a polarizer not only gives you the blue skies but it will enhance colours as seen in the yellow leaves. Secondly, I talk about moving around and looking for other perspectives for a scene. When I first started talking shots of this scene I was in the parking lot and could not keep the tops of the light posts or cars out of the scene. When I climbed a berm against the building I was able to shoot the scene you see. I show my students several images from the parking lot so they can see how moving around can really affect an image. Thirdly, I talk about how you should keep watching a location to see how it will change over time with different light or seasons. When I arrived at the Centre on Thursday the leaves were still green, by Saturday when I took this image they were this glorious yellow.


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