The Weekly Photo – April 9

©Darwin Wiggett

All of Alberta has been crazy windy the last few days. Rather than fight the wind, why not go out and make long exposures to capture the wind movement? Here I used my Rebel XSi, a 70-200mm lens, a Singh-Ray LB polarizer and Singh-Ray 5-stop ND filter to get an 8 second exposure on a cloudy and windy day. The painterly effect of the blowing grass is really lovely and the photo looks great as a big print. To see a larger version just click on the photo.


5 Responses to “The Weekly Photo – April 9”

  1. Hi,
    I have been reading photo magazines for some time now, and this is the first time somebody pointed out that as in other calllings, hobbies or professions, “practice” is very important
    Thank you for pointing this out to all photographers…..I will follow your advice as soon as i pick up a “point and shoot”
    If I may, could you suggest a good one…perhaps something along the lines you have been using.
    Thank you again for your advice (Outdoor Photography, spring/summer 2010, p.34)

    • There are a lot of great P+S cameras out there now. I would just go to a camera store and play with a couple. Buy one that feels right in your hand, one that has buttons and contols that make sense to you and one small enough that you will take everywhere. Foget the specs and the reviews, just get one that you like and will actually use. Darwin

  2. This is magical!

  3. I am shopping for some ND filters – Do you have a recommendation for some good filters along the “I’m working a low-wage job but still would like a good filter” price range? Essentially, I don’t have a bundle to spend on filters. Are the lower-end filters just a crap-shoot or are there better brands to look for? Should I just wait and save up longer? Thanks.

    • You do not want to put a crappy filter on the front of your good lenses so stick with recognized brands such as Singh-Ray, Lee, Heliopan, Tiffen, B+W, Rodenstock. Better to save up for each filter and get a good one, it should last forever if you take care of it.


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