The Daily Snap – April 13

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G9

More and more on my travels that require a flight rather than carry a DSLR, I just carry my little point-n-shoot. With a point-n-shoot not only do I travel light but I breeze through security and on location I can shoot anywhere looking just like another tourist. The freedom of light gear lets me blend in, I am not a traget for thugs wanting my expensive gear and I can shoot in places where I would never be able to take a DSLR or tripod. This image was from a trip I took to Belgium several years ago and was shot with a Canon G9. this weekend I will be headed to Burlington Ontario to give a weekend photo seminar and I will be taking my trsuty Canon G11 on the plane with me and everywhere I go.


2 Responses to “The Daily Snap – April 13”

  1. I love this photograph. It’s true about thugs. I was in Calgary over the Easter weekend and I was walking with my sister and mom when we felt like we were starting to walk in a not so good area. I noticed that these guys started to stare at my camera as it was attached to my tripod etc. It didn’t feel right so, we turned back….found out later from my cousin who is an RCMP that the store we were headed to, to get some munchies, well, the RCMP’s call it “stabby” macs and the name says it all. And, my husband said we’d be fine…(he didn’t want to come with us and just wanted to watch the hockey game in the hotel) as we women went out to get some munchies…needless to say we decided to get our munchies at The Bay…lol 🙂

  2. GREAT color combos in this image (the yellow walls, the blue of the bike, the red bricks…a salute to primary colors!)

    I hear ya ’bout the equipment…that is why I drive around in a real beat up Jeep so folks leave me alone…:-)

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