Photographer of the Month – April 2010

I get a lot of emails from photographers asking me to look at their websites. I look at every link I get. But I must admit that over 90% of the websites I see bore me after about the first 5 images. It’s the same old, same old and then more of the same. Sure the stuff is high quality and technically well shot but the photos are of the same iconic locations over and over again shot in the same way. It’s like there are thousands of photographer clones roaming around churning out millions of replica photos. When Mitch Diamond sent me his website,  I wasn’t expecting much but a quick look convinced me there was way more going on here. Mitch has a great eye and a distinct style – I was pulled into his images right away. I was refreshed and entertained. Thanks Mitch!

©Mitch Diamond

©Mitch Diamond

©Mitch Diamond

©Mitch Diamond

©Mitch Diamond

©Mitch Diamond

©Mitch Diamond

©Mitch Diamond

©Mitch Diamond

©Mitch Diamond


10 Responses to “Photographer of the Month – April 2010”

  1. This is all very beautiful work. Job well done!

  2. WOW, stunning images indeed! Mitch’s website is impressive. He has a wonderful eye and I agree, NOT in the least bit boring!! Thank you for posting Mitch’s work!

    P.S. Sigh, Does this mean my blog falls in the boring catergory? 😦

  3. I love the artistry here. And, I do like looking at photographs that make me go…WOW…not boring at all 🙂

  4. These images are certainly unique. What a visual treat! 🙂

  5. Anil Sud Says:

    Thanks for the link Darwin…some very inspiring imagery!

  6. Nice! So many fantastic photos. Keep up the great work Mitch!

    • Yardstick Says:

      Nice imagery and vision, but a little overdone in my opinion.

      • That’s the great thing about photography, it is about personal expression… there is no right or wrong only what you want to share with the world. Not everyone will agree on what resonates with them. d

  7. great link, thank you! i thought the architecture and abstract shots were incredible.

  8. MJFerron Says:

    That last abstract is a killer. Wish I took it.

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