The Daily Snap – April 15

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

Today I am off to Burlington Ontario for the Latow Photographers Guild Photography Seminar 2010 where I am giving a full day presentation on Field Techniques for Mastering Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography. I am looking forward to meeting a great gang of photographers and spending some time in the field with those signed up the field tour. What camera am I taking? Well just the Canon G11. It does everything a DSLR does but in a small package. It is a great camera to teach with because I can make fine images with it and reinforce the idea that great photos can be made with any camera–gear matters little; vision matters most. 


5 Responses to “The Daily Snap – April 15”

  1. Hey Darwin,

    That is an interesting shot. Looks like a great seminar too. You know, you and Sam should look at teaching private lessons and/or semi private lessons. I know that William Neill, one of my favs, he offers a one on one shooting session in the Yosemite and charges, I think $600.00 for the day. I’m not sure how he is making out with that but I know if I was in the Yosemite I would like to learn from a Master 🙂

  2. Dave Kingston Says:

    The landing gear of a DeHavilland Dash 8. I would recognize it anywhere. Looks like final approach to somewhere in Saskatchewan.

  3. burlington!!! woo only 30 minutes from me!

  4. Hayley Evans Says:

    The seminar and field tour was brilliant, any questions/doubts I had were answered. I feel like it has changed my life as I went home feeling completely refreshed and motivated. Thanks Darwin and hope to have the pleasure of shooting with you again in the future.

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