The Daily Snap – April 22

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

Although it was so nice to see fresh green on trees in Burlington, I decided to turn this spring tree photo into a B+W because it is really just about tones of light and dark.

Speaking of Burlington and the Latow Guild, here is a nice little review of the weekend, thanks Rob for the write-up


3 Responses to “The Daily Snap – April 22”

  1. Hi Darwin – I love your work, ever since I got your book “Dances with Light” in Lake Louise while skiing there. I opened it and all I was able to say was “WOW”, page after page… It’s nice you have this blog so I can finally say this:)
    Why choose Burlington as a photo seminar location though? No offence to people living there, but it’s not exactly the most scenic place in Ontario:) Why not Niagara region or even Toronto itself? Like Beach area or Toronto Island with stunning views of Toronto skyline, cozy channels and swans on them? Or High Park which is quite beautiful this time of year? The pics of rocks and Hamilton Steel Mill that Rob posted do demonstrate the use of different lenses, but look kinda depressing from my point of view:)

    • Burlington was chosen because the great camera club there (Latow) are experts at organizing and hosting shows. this was more about the seminar than the filed tour so pretty locations were secondary in importance.

      If you want grand scenery then come this weekend to Canmore for the SNAP show!


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