The Daily Snap – April 24

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

More and more I am using the built-in flash on the G11 to make alternative looking nature photos. I found these seed pods in the forest in Burlington, Ontario. I placed the camera under the seed heads and pointed the lens up towards the sky. I used the tilt swivel LCD  on the G11 to help compose this image. I used aperture priority at f4 and exposed the sky so it was dark and brooding. I then added fill flash at -1 exposure compensation to light up the seed heads. I love the macro mode on the G11 and the little flash on the camera is great for lighting up subjects that would otherwise be silhouttes.


3 Responses to “The Daily Snap – April 24”

  1. Hayley Evans Says:

    Was looking forward to seeing how this one turned out, love it!

  2. Gary Dufour Says:

    Love this photo Darwin !..I have the canon sx10IS which I like because of the tilt swivel LCD and the 20X zoom. The more pictures I see you take with your G11 the more I want one!..Isa it worth the change in cameras?

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