The Daily Snap – April 28

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

Another photo from the Burlington outing. I snapped this one quickly between visits to workshop students along the shoreline. We had wonderful opportunities to contrast nature with human impact. Most of the shots that the participants got are amazing with real mood and meaning.


28 Responses to “The Daily Snap – April 28”

  1. Four words……Beauty and the Beast

  2. Really like this one! Great counterpoint accents between the swan and the plume of smoke/steam, which make the photo for me. Your G11 series continues to show the strong compositions that can be had under all kinds of conditions, if the photographer’s eye is paired with the ability to actually capture something when it is seen. The best camera in the word is the one you’ve actually got on you. 🙂

  3. Raul Alanis Says:

    Funny how a picture can say so much…

  4. […] This guy named Darwin Wigget takes photos everyday. In today’s photo, there is a bird and the ocean with smoke in the background. It looks really good!!! Darwin Wigget’s website […]

  5. I’m in total agreement with Royce! Can’t say it better but only, awesome shot!

  6. jordanwilcken Says:

    Darwin, I know nothing about photography, but I like your pictures. I’m subscribing to your blog with Google Reader. Keep up the good work.

  7. Stunning!!!……………is all I can say.

  8. This photo displays the good and the bad…I like it very much, great shot!

  9. Francis Vela Says:

    I really like this concept. The discpline.

  10. Francis Vela Says:

    correction: discipline

  11. Fantastic–the contrast is interesting.

  12. Lovely ur in a beautiful world.

  13. bittersweet2 Says:

    This is very pleasant!

  14. You don’t see swans very often in an area like this…

  15. Seems very differential to me.
    The smoke coming out of the background is causing global warming while this nice little swam is peddling along this lake.


  16. Stunning pic!! Keep them coming.

  17. Wow what a photo! I love the dichotom of the swan and the factory. Very deep thoughts insipred by this photo.

  18. Amazing! Beautiful! I always admire people with a talent for photography!

  19. Nice one Darwin! What a great story!!!

  20. That’s a good one! Pity the quality is so low… Would you consider posting pictures of higher quality, or is this a deliberate step?

  21. Great shot!

  22. magical postcard

  23. This is a really nice picture. Usually a picture with rocks and a swan would have a background of trees and sky, but this picture proves that even a peaceful foreground can work with a contradictory background.

  24. very beautifull ,I like it.

  25. Darwin, this image has kind of a strange look to it. It doesn’t look like a “Darwin Wiggett” photo. You probably know that I am a great fan of your work and I think you are at the top of the list of the world’s greatest landscape and nature photographers, but there is something about the processing of this image that’s not up to the quality of your other work. I guess I am against the tide on this one. Maybe, it’s because I am spoiled by seeing all of those photos of the Rockies of yours that have such great impact, dramatic conditions and great lighting. I never get tired of seeing those. Let’s see more!

    • I agree with you, I am surprised by the attention this shot had garnered. By no means is this anything close to my best work, it is a quick snapshot.

      Who knows…


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