Into the Field with the Pros

For SNAP! which was held on April 24 and 25, John Marriott and Samantha Chrysanthou and yours truly had a video made by Dave Barton. See what it is like to be in the field with the ‘pros’ 😉

26 Responses to “Into the Field with the Pros”

  1. jackvjohnson Says:

    Somehow, this is exactly how I imagined you guys…

    (That’s a good thing, btw…)

    – Jack

  2. I laughed so hard at this video last weekend. It was a great opener to SNAP!

  3. I noticed all the grocery stores were all out of the sweet and salty granola bars. This explains everything…

  4. Even funnier the second time around

  5. You know I’ve followed you online for years Darwin, would love to get to Canada one day and this is exactly the way I would imagine you to be, lighthearted and loving what you do. Funny video loved it

  6. Now THAT is funny!!!

  7. Could I see one of the deer shots?

  8. This is GREAT! I love it. 🙂

  9. That was great! Looks like you guys had a blast.


  10. Fantastic! Laughed my arse off! I’ve never met John but Darwin and Sam weren’t acting – that’s them being them. That’s what makes them such great people and great photographers – no pretenses and they love what they do.

  11. Too Funny not to share! Thanks Guys it was a great weekend.

  12. Darwin,

    Really made me laugh!

  13. Absolutely hilarious! Needed a good laugh after this past week, and this did the trick. 🙂

  14. Varina Patel Says:

    You guys had me rolling! 🙂

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  16. Dani Lefrancois Says:

    what a bunch of nuts!.. =D

  17. LOL I can’t believe I missed this until now. Hilarious… damn landscape photographers. I hope you get a granola bar sponsor out of this.

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  19. Michael Hansen Says:

    LOL! That’s some funny stuff Darwin!

  20. different province, same old stuff – it was like a replica of how it often happens in the fields out here in Quebec – really too funny and did you see how he squished the camera on the ground with the bag of goodies hehehe and I loved the description of the equipment used, plus all the multiplying factors and crop factors and the 1.4 and the end result zoom

  21. Perry McKenna Says:

    This is too funny. Love the reference to Sam’s cool camo jacket. Got to love that orange jacket!

  22. Really nice and funny video. By the way, congratulations Darwin, your work is AWESOME.

  23. […] là pour manger de la pizza et boire de la bière). Si vous voulez me voir en action, regardez cette vidéo […]

  24. Noreen Bateman Says:

    Can’t think of anything better to do on a rainy day than to enjoy some FUN blog reading!!!

  25. Dave Newman Says:

    I have always said, if you can’t have fun doing what you do for a living, DO SOMETHING ELSE!!! You guys sure put the “fun” in “dysfunctional”, what a craaaazy bunch. I LOVE IT!!!

  26. … where are the pics of the deer ?

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