My Porter

For those who saw the Into the Field with The Pros video of last week, you’ll know I like my granola bars almost as much as I like gear. My camera bag always has a few granola bars in it, but on longer hikes I need more sustenance so I make sure Brando helps me carry a few extra snacks into the field – thanks my four legged slave, I mean friend!

Brando carrying my Sweet and Salties!

10 Responses to “My Porter”

  1. aswirly Says:

    Brando is just too cool

  2. He doesn’t look at all amused!!

    • Amused no – he is downright mad ’cause I do not share my snacks 😉

      Actually he is no too fond of his ‘pack’ but after about 10 minutes he forgets he is wearing it and is back to his good natured self. Darwin

  3. Dani Lefrancois Says:

    fruit and nut?

  4. Brando, you poor guy! Having to carry the snacks but none for you! 😦 Well, it could be worse. Could be some cold bevvies strapped on there as well… 🙂

  5. Awe so cute, cool shot. Have you ever come across any wildlife with Brando when you photograph? Just curious to see how Brando reacts to that.

    • Brando was a reserve dog and was raised having to hunt for his meals so I had a long trainging process to keep him from wanting to eat bunnies and deer and stuff. But dedicated trainging and a serious chase by an angry moose has him on good behaviour now. I am happy to take him anywhere now except Mcdonalds! Darwin

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