Extreme Saskatchewan Photo Tour 2010

UPDATE – May 7 – Tour is now FULL

(if you want to be added to the mailing list for new and upcoming tours and seminars email me at wiggett@telusplanet.net and you’ll be on my ‘first notice’ list – this tour sold on in two days so being on the list gives you right to first refusal)

Over the years, I have had many requests for the ultimate photographers’ tour:  who would not want to immerse themselves day after day in gorgeous landscapes where the gentle hand of nature contrasts with the skeletons of human ambition? 

Well, that tour is here.  I am teaming up with Samantha Chrysanthou and Branimir Gjetvaj for Extreme Saskatchewan on June 16-20th, 2010.  On this tour, we will introduce a small group of keen photographers to the wonders of the southwestern corner of the Saskatchewan prairie:  imagine stepping softly in the giant, rippled dunes of the Great Sandhills, surveying the folded terrain of the South Saskatchewan river coulees or  training your lens on the intricate details of abandoned barns and the rusty relics of agriculture. Not only will we photograph the classic “big blue sky” and rippling prairie grass-scape , but we have also obtained exclusive access to private properties.  This means we have property releases and written permissions so you can sell your work legally. No worrying about trespass laws or angry farmers with shotguns! That’s handy, eh?

©Darwin Wiggett

As I mentioned, we are deliberately keeping group size small and are accepting only 7 participants.  Our focus is on ensuring you have the best opportunities to ‘get the shot’ and, as well, to have 3 instructors at your disposal for any questions you may have.  This tour is for all skill levels–with 3 instructors available and offering tips and advice along the way, all your photo questions will be answered. So if you want to learn how to light paint, use key landscape filters or work creative, long exposures then this will be the tour for you!

©Darwin Wiggett

But be warned:  this tour will be demanding creatively.  There is no Fairmont on the prairie!  No wimps, complainers or princesses – we are looking for photographers who are super enthusiastic about the photographic rewards available on this tour.  We will eat, sleep and breathe photography for the intense duration of the tour. The days are long but the rewards are huge – you will come back with some of your best work ever!

©Darwin Wiggett

So… if you are passionate about taking your photography to the next level, or you’ve always wanted marketable, property-released images of rural life, then email me at wiggett@telusplanet.net for details. Are you ready for Extreme Saskatchewan? We want to hear from you!

 Below is a sampling of images from some of the places we will visit: 

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett


17 Responses to “Extreme Saskatchewan Photo Tour 2010”

  1. John Lawrence Says:

    So how do we sign up and what is the cost?

  2. Sadly I will be in Penn State by then. If you do one next year I’d jump on a plane and meet you there!

  3. YES! I am in. I’ve recently been looking for old abandoned things, while light painting and shooting star trails. This would be perfect for me. Here is my first attempt at star trails/light painting/long exposures. I was even lucky and had the northern lights paint the sky naturally for me 🙂


    Emailed! Thanks Darwin,
    -Mike Isaak

  4. I should add the first photo I learned a lot, like to turn off long exposure noise reduction haha. You can see gaps in between stars when zoomed in.

    Here is the second star trails photo of mine with continous stars.


  5. Barry Ryziuk Says:

    Looking forward to another session Darwin, not looking forward to 3:30 am, but then again an afternoon nap sounds great!
    Nice to have more of a workshop touch to it, as you know, I need all the help I can get!

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