The Daily Snap – May 5

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

Winter just keeps hanging on here. First we have had fresh snow and then crazy wind and rain. I went out  two days ago to shoot and had 5 minutes of intense glow at sunrise. I had just enough time to snap two photos with my G11. I used a 3-stop hard-edge Singh-Ray grad to hold back the bright sunrise sky. I actually shot this as a JPEG because I forgot to set the G11 to RAW (yes I am a professional, sometimes you would know though). The image above is how the JPEG came out in camera but I added a tad of tonal contrast in Nik Color Efex to make it look a little more snappy as a small image here. For the rest of the morning I played with Singh-Ray’s three different Vari-ND filters  (hint a new version is about to be released) testing how they compare to one another. I will have the full test shortly.

2 Responses to “The Daily Snap – May 5”

  1. Wonderful sky against the blue-white of the snow. Beautiful!

  2. This almost looks like the sunset I saw 4 days ago haha. And your crazy Calgary weather made it to Edmonton. Next time keep it there!

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