Weekly Photo – May 7

©Darwin Wiggett

What do you do when it is raining and the light is dark and grey? Well take photos of course! Here is a shot of Herbert Lake in Banff taken in ‘crappy’ conditions. I converted the flat light photos into a more contrasty B+W using Nik’s Siver Efex. I also added film grain to the shot. When printed on Fine Art paper the photo looks like a traditional darkroom print. I was going to just toss this photo away but gave it a second look and am happy with the end result. This image was shot with the Canon EOS-1ds Mark III and the 24mm TS-E lens. The exposure was in dim dusk light with an exposure of 20 seconds at f11 to give the water a smooth flowing look


3 Responses to “Weekly Photo – May 7”

  1. Great photograph Darwin!

  2. Great image, Darwin. You’ve convinced me to search through by archives for those blah colour images that may be candidates for B&W.

  3. aswirly Says:

    The BW and grain works wonderfully on this image. It has a beautiful moody and artsy feel

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