ND Filter Tests

I am in the middle of extensive comparison testing of five different ND filters. These filters allow very long exposures in bright light so you can play with ‘painting with time’ effects, where anything moving in the scene becomes an ephemeral blur. The five filters I am testing are three Singh-Ray Vari-ND filters (the Vari-ND, the Vari-n-Duo and the beta version of the Vari-n-Trio – yet to be released). As well I am comparing these three vari-filters to the Singh-Ray George Lepp 5 stop solid ND filter and the new Lee Big Stopper (10-stop ND filter). Just to whet your appetite are the two shots below:

Shot with a Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer and 2-step hard-edge grad

Singh-Ray LB polarizer, 2-step hard-edge grad and Lee Big Stopper

Stay tuned near the end of May for a complete report on these five different filters!


10 Responses to “ND Filter Tests”

  1. Lucky you, I’m still waiting for my Big Stopper…

  2. I have noticed then when you finish doing these (great) reviews…my bank account takes a hit.

  3. Wow what a difference. I’m looking forward to your reviews. My next purchase is going to be either a vari n duo or a vari nd. I read one review that said the vari n duo was more difficult to handle. So, I’d like to hear your take on it. I actually purchased the nik pro filters because of what you mentioned about them in your previous posts and I like them very much.

  4. Darwin,
    Can’t wait to read the results. I have a question about the bottom image of the two. It appears to have some vignetting in the lower right corner of the frame that the upper shot doesn’t have. Is this due to the extra filter added or did you adjust the image post process?


  5. Nice. I’m looking forward to your results, Darwin. In particular the Big Stopper and if there’s any color shifting.

  6. Trio? My Duo is still “like New”…

  7. Hendrik Says:

    Any news on that filter report?

  8. Yo Darwin!!

    Thanks for these reviews. I’m in the market and am wondering how the Vario compares against the Big Stopper. We haven’t forgotten!!!

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