The Weekly Photo – May 14

©Darwin Wiggett - Bow Lake, Banff National Park

More and more I am loving making square images using my 24mm TS-E lens. Here I did a two vertical compositions by shifting the lens to the left and then to the right and then stitching the two vertical images together to make a big square. I also used a Singh-Ray LB polarizer to snap the sky and bring out the warm hues in the mountain. Canon EOS-1ds Mark III camera.


17 Responses to “The Weekly Photo – May 14”

  1. Bruce Reinheimer Says:


    That image is striking! Love the way the rock slopes curve up out of the water and the mirror image. Did you use the neutral LB polarizer or the warming LB? I would like to buy a sprocket polarizer but I can’t decide which one would make the most since and they are a little pricey. Any suggestion?


  2. I always use the LB warming polarizer because it enhances the yellows and ornages in a scene like this


  3. Love the photo! Brings back memories from my trip in 2008. Looking forward to another trip next spring, can hardly wait.


  4. Great shot Darwin. The squarish crop really works well here. Definitely much better than a vertical or horizontal 3:2 frame would be.

  5. Interesting to see this scene without snow. Beautiful, calm day too. I like the foreground that adds interest and takes it beyond the mirror effect.

  6. ah yes, i’ve been loving the square photos more and more as well.

  7. Are you using the Z-Sprocket on the TS lens?

  8. I love the rocks in the foreground. Beautiful shot.

  9. Well balanced composition. Works really well for the square format.

  10. Very nice, Darwin. I will have to experiment with one of those LB Polarizers someday. Do you crop a little when you do these stitched shots? It seems that if I split the image back into two vertical shots, they would seem a bit narrow.

  11. Love this shot. I find the foreground interesting too.

  12. Strikingly beautiful!!!
    Darwin, the detail in this photograph is breathtaking!

  13. Viv Faure Says:



  14. Spectacular Light really shows off the Mountains.
    Your composition of the scene using the tilt shift lens looks superb to my eye.

    all the best,


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