The Daily Snap – May 23

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

I am a sucker for detail shots in nature especially where I think I can see a face or some other ‘form’ in the subject. This subject looks like some  weird skull with the jaw bone at the bottom and the eye socket at the top. To Samantha this photo reminds her of baleen in the mouth of a whale. These photos I make just for myself. Photos like this will never sell anywhere, nor do many viewers resonate with the image the same way I do. But I keep making these kinds of photos simply because it is fun. And photography should be about fun, otherwise why do it? This was from our recent hike into Glacier Lake in Banff.


8 Responses to “The Daily Snap – May 23”

  1. Darwin: I love your daily images and have been doing it daily since Jan 1 of this year. I agree with you that you want to have fun in doing so, and as a result most of mine would have no value to anybody, let alone commercial value! I, like you, have taken many photos of tree pieces in the California Sierra, in and around mammoth Lakes, where I find animals liking formed out of the bark or leaves. It is very fun, indeed.

    Keep up your daily snap! These photos make my day.

    Frank Damon, Pacific Palisades, California

  2. Incredible texture here Darwin! And I disagree that folks wouldn’t buy this image, but I understand where you are coming from ‘cuz I have many, many images that I know no one else would be interested in but me and that’s okay. I like them!

  3. Hey Darwin

    My first response to this is that I see the skull of a T Rex with the eye peaking out at the top and then I read your comments. That is neat how we each perceive different things.

  4. I like it too! I think nature’s textures are amazing. Thanks from me for your dailys. I have your site on Reader and check it every morning. Glad you share!

  5. Hey Darwin, I see interesting forms and light here in this image. There’s a chance for every photo to sell. Although, I can’t see someone buying a big print to hang on their wall, but there may be someone doing story on something like “Things to do with that old wood you find in your back yard.”. Although, you have many other images that are real jewels, you just never know what publishers are going to need. Your daily photos have taught me that you don’t need to take a major trip somewhere to get good photos.

  6. I like nature detail photographs simply for the fact that, they are usually “deeper” and more complex than a typical grand landscape. This is going to sound like a gross oversimplification, but one could argue that grand landscape photos are “simple” and trivial”. Generally, one could look at a grand landscape photograph, and pick up the essence of it right away. On the other hand, with a nature detail, you need to slow down, and absorb all of the details – lines, textures, colours, patterns, etc.
    I find this exploration and discovery very satisfying.
    On a side note, I went to a gallery recently, and saw a 16×24″, black and white, nature detail photograph, selling for $1500!

  7. What an incredible capture! I love it! You succeed in making great shot out of simple thing… For me, that’s very inspiring.

    And you’re right, photography should be about having fun. 😉

    Take care,

  8. Great comments, readers! I agree with Tom in a way that the grand landscape can be seen as ‘simple’ not in the sense that it does not take talent to compose it (we all know wide-angle shots do), but it may take more skill at being able to ‘see’ as a photographer when it comes to the details that whisper to you, instead of scream. Once you move beyond the obvious, then you are making art.

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