The Daily Snap – May 26

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

For this shot of Glacier Lake in Banff National Park I used a Singh-Ray LB polarizer to remove highlight reflections in the foreground water to see the rocks below the surface. I also used the built-in ND filter in the Canon G11 to make a longer 15 second exposure so that the ripples in the water smoothed out. I then converted the colour image to B+W in Camera RAW and added a blue tint in Photoshop.


6 Responses to “The Daily Snap – May 26”

  1. Franklin Wang Says:

    Hi Darwin,

    I have been reading your blog for quite some times now, but this is the first time I leave a comment. This image is breathtaking. The composition is so simple yet so powerful. The use of the tree stump to direct the viewer’s attention to the snowy mountain in the far background is so brilliant.

  2. Mylan Dawson Says:

    Lovely shot and another great illustration of how a not so great sky can still be included in a great shot.

    The built in ND filter in the G11 seems like a wonderful tool. I’m thinking of urging, pleading, bribing or otherwise convincing the wife to let me get “her” one for her birthday next month.

    Really like the post processing work her too. Helps convey just the right mood.

  3. Mylan Dawson Says:

    I forgot to ask, did you use the SteadePod for this shot?

  4. Hello Darwin.

    Wow…this is so impressive in it`s simplicity and toning.
    I really like how I`m being drawn into the scenery by the light and the foreground element.
    Very very nice work.

    Seung Kye

  5. This is very nice Darwin. It was a beautiful, serene mood and feel.

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