The Weekly Photo – May 28

©Darwin Wiggett - 4 minute exposure

This is a shot of Glacier Lake and Mount Outram in Banff National Park taken in mixed overcast light with spots of sunlight streaming through the scene. For this photo I used a Singh-Ray LB Warming polarizer and a Singh-Ray 2-stop hard-edge grad over the sky and mountains to help even out the exposure. Base exposure was 1/4 of a second with my 24mm TS-e lens. I also added the Lee Big Stopper 10-stop ND filter to bring exposure time to 4 minutes. Having this long of an exposure gave me two advantages; first it made the clouds streak through the sky in a painterly manner and secondly it allowed the quick spotlights of sun coming into the scene to paint light onto the photo over time. For reference purposes, the shot below was taken without the Big Stopper at 1/4 of a second.

©Darwin Wiggett - 1/4 second exposure


19 Responses to “The Weekly Photo – May 28”

  1. What a great example, Darwin! I already preordered LEE big stopper.. going to play with it soon.

  2. Jay Guilmette Says:

    Nice shot! Does the Lee Big Stopper ND filter give the photo a magenta/purple color cast like the Singh Ray ND filter does?

  3. Laura Wright Says:

    I’ve been a subscriber for two days and I’ve already learned something. Thanks for providing the with/without comparison. That’s really helpful.

  4. mike dimartino Says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for showing the difference between the two – very eye opening. I love how the long exposure brings out the color in the trees.

  5. Very beautiful, Darwin! Have you noticed any color casts with the 10-stop ND, particularly when paired with a GND? (You know what I’m talking about… 🙂 )

  6. Hey that turned out great Darwin! Way to think out of the box to create a unique image!


  7. Wow, I’m surprised how big of a difference it made!

  8. hi darwin, cool shot.
    do you see any noise buildup with these longer exposures?
    (in general, not just with this particular one)

  9. Hendrik Says:

    Must….resist…10 stop….filter….
    Awesome shot! I really like the long exposure shot, the clouds are amazing. Is the gravel in the foreground more colorful because of the longer exposure or because of your processing? That’s what caught my eye first.

    • I tried to process the two images exactly the same. I think the long exposure filter altered the colour because over a 4 minute exposure the light changed over time (spotlights of sun bathed the scene here and there)

  10. Love the light and the contrast between the blue and green.

  11. Hey Darwin, you are always coming up with new techniques to eliminate common problems in landscape photography. I would have never thought about doing a really long exposure to catch those moments of nice light throughout the landscape. That 10 stop ND filter must be pretty dark eh? It would be fun to experiment with.

  12. Amazing photo Darwin! The light on the trees is simply stunning, and the movement in the clouds adds a sense of time that is so hard to capture in most images. Thanks for passing on the technique! JL

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