Travel Photo Contest – Michael Hill

Michael Hill

©Michael Hill

I suppose when submitting images for consideration to travel photography contests the shots of the grand foreign landscape, the wizened tribal elder or perhaps the backlit Bengal tiger are the best and obvious choices. However, I often find that it is the small detail of a place that best recollects the ambience and feel of a trip. This poolside reflection was taken very early in the morning just as the sun poked over the horizon and lit up the interior courtyard of the small and modest but welcoming acomodação that we stayed in while travelling the south coast of Portugal. Although it is an abstract photograph in many respects, for me it captures the wondrous sights and sensations of being in Portugal better than any other photograph that I took while visiting that year.


5 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Michael Hill”

  1. Luke Austin Says:

    Held my attention for a good minute of two = great photo

  2. Fabulous, Michael! Color and composition are very appealing…

  3. Wonderful souvenir! I love the reflection in the water and the vivid colors of the place. well done!

  4. Great photo! The vivid colours caught my attention, and the detail and the contrasting colour of the plant provided me a place to rest my eyes.

  5. Anil Sud Says:

    Tremendous use of colour and design with a hint of mystery in this image…it’s an eye opener in my books.

    Great shot!

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