Travel Photo Contest – Carolyn McIntosh

Carolyn McIntosh

©Carolyn McIntosh

This photo was taken of the Boston Harbour just outside of the Marriott Longwharf area. I love it for several reasons . . .  the combination of past and present … the vintage look of the buildings on the wharf and the skyscrapers in the background representing the ever changing times we live in. The splash of the green trees just adds that little bit of panache to the photo and the people on the wharf actually look like they are painted in. It does sort of have a painterly effect. . .. it was a glorious day. Taken with the Nikon D700, lens 24-70mm at f/11.0 , 1/125 sec, ISO 250, Focal length 34mm, white Balance set on manual, taken May 5/2010


6 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Carolyn McIntosh”

  1. I live just north of Boston so I know this scene well. Very nice!

  2. Gorgeous shot! The sky is beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous skies and what a wonderful contrast with the buildings. Well done, Carolyn!

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