The Daily Snap – June 10

©Darwin Wiggett

People wonder why they need to sign a liability waiver when they participate in my photo tours. My lawyer just recommends it although I am not sure why 😉

5 Responses to “The Daily Snap – June 10”

  1. LOL! I was just explaining to my students in last night’s class how the best photos seem to require the photographer to be in the most unlikely positions! This shot could easily be of myself (similar attire and all), but I’d be lying in the cold sand on a beach, knees getting soaked! 🙂

  2. good one.
    I thought photographers only need a good eye – and forgot about very good ears 🙂

  3. Hello Darwin!

    Hmm…I too wonder what your lawyer means??
    What`s sooo dangerous about photography?
    I guess lawyers have read to many books instead of studying the real life and in the end wouldn`t even notice if they were hit by a truck 😉

    Take care.

    Seung Kye

  4. oops! Didn’t see that 18 wheeler!

  5. Nice low angle! Is the resulting shot online anywhere? (I assume the photographer or at least the camera survived? 🙂 )

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