Travel Photo Contest – Chris Martin

Chris Martin

©Chris Martin

I went to a fish market in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city. These men ran blocks of ice unloaded from a truck uphill to this crushing warehouse. Here, the blocks were run through an ancient, noisy crusher and the ice was then carted by another set of runners down to the dock. The fish were then packed in the ice and loaded for delivery to the markets, restaurants and exporters around the sprawling city. The bare feet, direct gaze and relaxed body position of this young man as he waited for his cart to be filled provided great details and context to this gruelling work. In the few minutes I watched these men, each worker made at least two trips down to the dock and back, running over the cobblestones and dodging trucks, fishermen and other dock workers. They worked hard and were an integral part of the industry but my guide told me they were among the lowest paid workers on the docks.


2 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Chris Martin”

  1. Powerful photo, Chris. Such a grueling job and yet, the young men look eager and even, happy. A far, far cry from sitting in an office staring at a computer screen!

  2. A wonderful capture. He was gazing at the camera as though it interrupted his daily routine.

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