Travel Photo Contest – Ian Neilson

Ian Neilson

©Ian Neilson

I was out for a stroll with my dogs at Loch Lomond Pond in McKenzie Towne Calgary this past May and spotted two chubby birds belly bumping like a couple of sumo wrestlers. Turned out it was two Horned Grebes doing the “Horned Grebe Penguin Dance” which is a part of their mating ritual. I always take my Canon 7D camera with my 300mm L series lens when I walk around that way, never know what you are going to see. I was approximately 25 feet away from them. (By the way, it is very rare to see Horned Grebes Mating…nothing on Google or Naturalists Mags)


One Response to “Travel Photo Contest – Ian Neilson”

  1. Nancy Murdoch Says:

    That is a rare shot! Good shooting!

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