The Daily Snap – June 12

©Darwin Wiggett

When I took this picture I looked at the LCD on the G11 and thought “hey, this is cool”. Back home when I processed this image I showed it to Sam and asked her what she thought and she said.”‘no wonder you like the image, it looks like a breast”. Hmmm…. I just thought it was a rock, no really.


6 Responses to “The Daily Snap – June 12”

  1. Honestly Darwin, half a nano second after looking at the image I was already thinking breast. Ahhh the human brain – what a fascinating subject.

  2. Stephane Says:

    Very soothing image.

  3. Well, when I first saw the image I thought that is a cool photo and I like the patterns here but now that you mentioned that it’ll never look the same to me again. Now I see that part of the anatomy and the patterns that I saw before now look like connective tissue, lymph nodes and milk ducts…lol

  4. Oh yeah…now that u mention it, but it did not occur to me at first glance. There is no reference for sense of scale, so that is intriguing. Cool shot, Darwin. I like the layering and contrasting textures.

  5. Hihi! I never notice that at first. It’s funny how the human eyes can see thing that’s not there… 😉

    Love the texture!

  6. Hendrik Says:

    Definitely not british 😉

    Is it really a rock? I thought it is a piece of dead wood.

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