Travel Photo Contest – Miranda Hall

Miranda Hall

©Miranda Hall

Through the spokes…

While on a trip to India last year with my Aunt, I wanted to take a photo of one of the many monkeys in the area. I snapped a few photos of a monkey on a leash through our cab window. The owner got very angry with our Cab driver and demanded I pay him for the photos I took. So our Cab driver helped me with the language barrier and I only had to pay a few rupees. A little later that same day, we stopped by a market area, the cab driver pointed to a monkey and said in his broken English… “this monkey free. Take many pictures. He no want rupees”. I turned to see where the monkey was… That is when I saw this beautifully framed monkey and its baby. Just sitting there waiting for me to take its photo. A trip and a moment I will never forget.

Taken by Miranda Hall (16) Calgary Alberta –  Taken in Etawah , India (close to Agra)


4 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Miranda Hall”

  1. Stephane Says:

    Nicely framed photo and a beautifull story to go with it.

  2. What a fantastic capture! The bicycle spokes frame the two perfectly.

  3. Beautiful picture.

  4. This is a fantastic photograph; it shows skill and creativity.

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