Travel Photo Contest – Kirsty Dougherty

Kirsty Dougherty

©Kirsty Dougherty

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival is an annual event held over the first weekend in February. One of Thailand’s lesser known festivals, it is nonetheless a calendar highlight for travelers who  delight in the botanical side of adventure. A glamourous display of flowers and culture from the north of the country, the festival is intoxicating, unexpected and masses of fun. This Flower Festival was the start of a 4 month trip in 2007 when I visited gardens and shows from Darjeeling to Cornwall. These delightful Thai women in their edible headdresses captures, what is to me, the essence of Thailand –  beauty and dignity married with fun and playfulness.


8 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Kirsty Dougherty”

  1. wow! Gorgeous colors and nice expression!

  2. Amazing picture !! i wish i were trendy enough as to wear such a nice ornamentation upon my head !!!!

  3. The colors, expressions and what’s in the eyes take me far far away from what I’m doing today to a magic place. Beautifully captured moment in time.

  4. you are correct it is ‘Masses’ of fun!!

  5. Wow what a beautiful photo. You have really captured the essence of the Thai people- serene, peaceful and beautiful. Well done

  6. aswirly Says:

    THis is absolutely captivating!! Wonderful!

  7. Margot Drake Says:

    brilliant photo! Exotic colours and atmosphere 🙂

  8. This is a to die for photo . . . . what a great capture.

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