Travel Photo Contest – Logan Miller

Logan Miller

©Logan Miller

I know that the theme of this contest is travel. However, life is a little hectic right now and I don’t have much time to travel. Although, I do travel 100 miles round trip on my daily commute to work (as a mechanical engineer) . So, that’s got to count for something, right? I find it very rewarding to be able to break up my normal morning route by stopping and making images like this one on the way to work. It was the morning after the last frost of this year. A little creek near the KVLY Tower runs right along the highway for a few miles. There are a couple of old wooden bridges that cross the creek along this stretch. There was a great golden glow as the sun rose through some light clouds. Frost clung to everything in sight and there was wonderful, wispy steam rising from the water. I pulled over and parked my car before the bridge and hiked down to the river bank. I grabbed some images of the steam, frost, etc. before framing (yes, pun intended, sorry) this image. No too long after, the sun had rose high enough to burn off the steam and frost. Thankfully, I had stopped in time!


2 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Logan Miller”

  1. Viv Faure Says:

    Is a ilustracion of a book? Is beautifaul no?


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