Travel Photo Contest – Sam Gellman

Sam Gellman

©Sam Gellman

I got up around 6am during my last day travelling in Burma, because I really wanted to get a shot of the long “trains” of monks that would move through the villages collecting alms in the mornings. After the monks had returned to the monastery, it was still early so I kept walking the village. I saw this street with stunning back-light that villagers were traveling on towards the town market. The woman walking towards me and the dog on the road provided a distinctly Burma feel, and the bicycle and people off in the distance added an element of depth. The steeple on the right adds a touch of Burmese architecture to a shot that is primarily about light. The light, colors, and untouched feel of Burma are second-to-none among my travel destinations.


9 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Sam Gellman”

  1. WOW. Stunning capture.

  2. aswirly Says:

    The mood and light here is very special

  3. Beautiful atmosphere!

  4. Love the Backlighting and the whole feel. Wonderful capture

  5. Really like the mood and feel of this image. Great capture!

  6. Stephane Says:

    Beatiful picture. I like how you can see the rays of light shining on the big tree on the left.

  7. Sam, I just love this. The colours, the composition, the feelings it evokes. I love everything about it.

  8. This is an amazing shot!! Fantastic work!!

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