Travel Photo Contest – Stephane Hachey

Stephane Hachey

©Stephane Hackey

This picture was taken during a test flight just outside of Kandahar Air Field Afghanistan in February 2010. I took a burst of 6 vertical shots while panning in the back of a helicopter to stitch this panoramic together. The reason I like this picture so much is because from KAF you can only ever see bits and pieces of this mountain, it’s nice to be able to get the full view. Was also a challenging shot for me to get from a fast moving helicopter. I only had one pass from that side and the sun was going down fast. Click on the photo to see the larger version


4 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Stephane Hachey”

  1. Amy Jo Hachey Says:

    Wow, beautiful and impressive!

  2. Amy Jo Hachey Says:

    Wow….amazing shot!

  3. Amazing shot Stephane!! very impressive mountain view. Thanks for share it and let us know the amazing Afghanistan landscape.

  4. Stephane Says:

    Thanks again for posting my picture Darwin. You’ve got a great blog, it’s nice to see a variety of different photographers work mixed in with your incredible work. I looke forward to seeing your daily snap everyday. Oh, there’s a typo in the copyright for my pic btw, Hac”K”ey.

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