Grad Filter Video

©Darwin Wiggett - No filters used

©Darwin Wiggett - Singh-Ray 2-Stop Hard-Step filter over sky

Unscripted video – can you catch my dyslexia in at least two places? Doh!


12 Responses to “Grad Filter Video”

  1. I purchased the same filter about 2 months ago. It works great but the filter seems quite tight to slide up and down in the Cokin P holder. Is the tight fit normal or any suggestions how to make it smoother with slightly less force to position it?

  2. Holy crap! that is awesome Darwin! Keep it up!

  3. The tight fit is normal. But with use the filter will slide easily in the holder. You know, it is like age, the more you use it the looser it becomes! Darwin

  4. Stephane Says:

    Very nice photograph. I like how the filter really brings out the dramatic clouds. What ND filter would you recommend buying first when building a set? I was going to start with the 3 stop soft edge but they are out of stock, maybe go for the 2 stop hard edge? I’m also getting the warming polarizer, that should start me off.

    • I find a two-stop hard-edge grad is my most used grad filter (even in the mountains) and so would highly recommend that filter along with the polarizer


      • Stephane Says:

        Thanks Darwin. I live in Northern Alberta, so the horizon is usually pretty flat, so the hard-edge should get lots of use. Now I just need to get home so I can start taking some photos again!

  5. Darwin – this is a great video! Thanks for pulling this together. You essentially distilled the basics into a 100 seconds. Good work.

  6. what a great photo, thanks for sharing.

  7. Greg Nuspel Says:

    Dyslexics untie!

  8. hmm your filters look almost as scratched up as mine…. 😛

  9. Great video, thanks for teaching 🙂

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