Travel Photo Contest – Francis Carmine

Francis Carmine

©Francis Carmine

I took this photo in the Abosso Goldfields near Tarkwa in Ghana. It shows a world not often photographed, that is illegal gold mining in Africa. In Ghana the industry provides good income (relative to their alternatives) for thousands of people in particularly harsh conditions. The image displays the tools of the trade while conveying the subjects disgust at the multinational mining companies working in the area for not employing him. His defiant stance while wearing such a comical t-shirt (of which he is completely ignorant) making the scene and the circumstances of his life all the more memorable. I tried a number of different compositions here but this image stood out as being the most complete in terms of composition. Alternatives and other illegal mining scenes can be seen on my flickr page. Taken using the Canon G10.


2 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Francis Carmine”

  1. Stephane Says:

    Nice photo, and pretty funny too. Did you tell him what his shirt said?

  2. Thanks, we failed to let him know. I was worried he might have become embarrased about it and never worn it again forever ruining the humour of it all…. He was a top bloke though, quite happy to have a chat to us about his situation and not worried we were going to get him in trouble for illegal mining, which of course we weren’t.

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