Travel Photo Contest – Anil Sud

Anil Sud

©Anil Sud

Just after sunset, I was photographing at a Buddhist monastery in Dehradun, India and was intrigued by this pair of windows which were originally intended to be the subject of my architectural shot. Since the light was very low, I used a tripod and carefully composed how I wanted the lines and shapes to come together. A passing monk approached the scene and I was planning to wait patiently for him to exit until I saw his figure advance toward the window. Hastily, I reset the camera settings to freeze his stance. It was then that I realized his presence was the missing element needed to bring the image home.


3 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Anil Sud”

  1. It’s great when life takes a good image and then adds that little something to make it even better. The trick is to recognize when it is happening and take the shot. Well done!

  2. This is a great image. The passing monk makes this image as well.

  3. A nicely composed image Anil. I like how you placed the corner of the building in the center of the frame. By having the monk show up just when he did and peer through the window makes this image work even nicer than the originally planned composition. Great Shot!

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