Weekly Photo – June 25

©Darwin Wiggett

I used my 90mm tilt and shift lens to make this photo. I titled the lens out of the plane of focus along the truck edge to give me a very thin slice of focus just on the headlight. I used f2.8 to make sure I did not get any extra depth-of-field due to aperture. I also added a slight Orton Effect to help keep the dreamy nostalgia-look going. Canon EOS-1ds Mark III and Canon 90mm TS-E Lens

3 Responses to “Weekly Photo – June 25”

  1. “And he looked out at me with his one good eye…”

    Nice shot! 🙂

  2. I love these types of shots – they make the subject look very toy-like. My “other” hobby is model railroading, and try as you might, depth of field is a real issue when trying to shoot realistic pictures on a layout. This picture could have been taken on my club’s layout, in behind the siding for Paris Ont. Lots of trees and a great place for an interesting vehicle with one good eye. 😉

  3. Wow! Darwin, that looks even better than on your LCD!

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