Travel Photo Contest – Bharath Ramalingam

Bharath Ramalingam

©Bharath Ramalingam

This image was made at the blowhole in Bicheno which is a small but beautiful town on the east coast of Tasmania when I had visited last month. To get this image, I woke up at 5 a.m in the morning and walked alone to the beach. When I reached the spot, all that I could hear was sound of screaming penguins and the wave splash occasionally but nothing was visible for a while as it was totally dark. Before taking this photograph, I took few pictures of the dusk which was the first light for the day and it definitely was dramatic. It was turning out that my early morning wake and kind of frightening wait in the darkness was worth much more than I had imagined. I waited patiently for the sun to peep out of the horizon and kept myself ready (with composition set for the wave, sun, sea, sky and rock) to click the moment when the wave splashes. I was overjoyed when I was able to capture the moment when both these natural entities got involved for the first time of that day. It is quite difficult to exactly put my joy in words that I had experienced in capturing this shot but I hope it conveys the perfect sunrise mood to persons viewing this image as the wave wishing the sun ‘Good Morning Mate’.


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