Travel Photo Contest – Nikki Harris

Nikki Harris

©Nikki Harris

I took this photo while travelling around the world for 9 months. This one was taken at a zoo in Yogyakarta, Indonesia / Java. It was a single chimpanzee in a small cage. The monkey looked so sad and isolated. This place was one of the saddest places I visited. Once he tried to grap or touch me – and thats the photo about. It still touches me.


6 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Nikki Harris”

  1. Frank Wu Says:

    Have been looking at various shots on this blog for several weeks, all of which have been very good. But this is the first to compel a comment: GREAT SHOT!! The sense of isolation and sadness smacked me over the head right away… talk about emotional impact. The framing might have been a little more balanced… ie. place the fingers off center or slightly change POV to reduce the white space on the left side? Might not have been possible at the time. In any event, the emotional impact far out shines any technical deficiency in my humble opinion. Shots like this keep me inspired, thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks a lot for your comment. I noticed that too and so i cropped it a little – but unfortunately after i handed it in.

  3. Wow, Nikki your photo is so simple, but so emotive. Before reading the story behind it, my first response was, “Oh, that’s so sad”. Well captured!

  4. Anil Sud Says:

    Nikki, I would agree with the comments that Frank made. The strength of the message here makes up for it’s technical shortcomings. It’s a simple graphic with a clear message.

    Your decision to crop the bulk of the chimpanzee takes away the literal aspect of the photo that might have been rendered otherwise.

    A great example of “less is more”.

  5. Hayley Pankhurst Says:

    Great shot, the emotion hits hard with this image. Also love the details; the little hairs, nails and even the friction ridges, really shows the human similarities.

  6. I had tears in my eys when I saw this picture. I’ve been watching the pictures for the traveling contest all the time, but this is the first picture that I left a comment. How cruel it is to cage an animal that has emotion as abundant as human. How lonely and depressed the animal must have felt.

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