Travel Photo Contest – Andrew McLachlan

Andrew McLachlan

©Andrew McLachlan

The Muskoka region of Ontario is famous for stunning fall colour. Autumn’s display of brilliantly coloured sugar maples draws people from near and far to witness the beauty of the season. The Muskokas is also known has cottage country in Ontario, due to the myriad of picturesque lakes. Numerous waterfalls and rivers can be found here too. I visited this location on the Rosseau River two days earlier, than the day I composed this photograph. I revisited this location due to heavy rainfall that was sure to increase the flow of the river. I was immediately drawn to the large rock in the center of the image, dividing the river, creating two cascades. While 2009 was a disappointing year for autumn colour, with many of the vibrant hues being muted, there was enough colour spread evenly across this river scene for a nice panoramic photograph. I shot a series of 8 vertical frames to create this panoramic at Lower Rosseau Falls, which is one of my favourite photographs from 2009.


6 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Andrew McLachlan”

  1. Beautiful visual Andrew – I would love to see that printed large. I really like how the colors are isolated across the scene as are the chunks of rock. There is a subtlety expressed that is present in nature but can be elusive to photograph. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Really beautiful. The panoramic size suits this setting so well. The way autumn should look!

  3. Hi Andrew

    I love your photo of the autumn colors at Rosseau Falls. Just wondering what lens and settings you used to make it.


  4. Anil Sud Says:

    Well composed panorama Andrew…the judicious use of colour here is complementary without overbearing the scene…not always an easy task to accomplish.

    I can see why this would be one of your ’09 fav’s.

  5. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts on the photograph. Very much appreciated.

    For Sue: I used a Nikon 80-400mm VR lens with the VR function turned off. The lens was set at 80mm with exposure settings of f22 @ 0.8 seconds. A Nikon polarizing filter was also used. I also have a panorama leveling base between my tripod and tripod head to simplify leveling the camera for panoramic compositions.


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