Travel Photo Contest – Elena Elisseeva

Elena Elisseeva

©Elena Elisseva

This photo was taken on our trip to France. After staying in Paris for a couple of days, we rented a tiny car and just drove around the country for 2 weeks, finding hotels along the way with various degrees of difficulty. We made it to south of France and then it was time to turn back if we wanted to catch our plane back to Canada. As it turned out, it wasn’t that simple. Everyone who drove in the south of France in the summer knows that roads and highways are very congested. We got even “luckier” – first the shore road was blocked by a huge tree that fell onto someone’s car, and then when we finally made it to a highway, it turned out to be closed because of forest fire! So we had to improvise, get off the highway and try to get to Paris some other way. We were short on time, so we drove until it was pretty late in the day, about 8 pm. We were able to find accommodation near town of Sisteron, where we went to have some dinner. As we approached the restaurant, the scene in front of us transformed – the last rays of sun illuminated the rock across the river and houses built into it, painting everything in pastel-pink. I grabbed the camera and forgot that it was freezing and we were tired and hungry and kept snapping until the sun finally hid behind the cloud. That was a perfect ending of a not-so-perfect day.


2 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Elena Elisseeva”

  1. Great photo! Beautiful shot!

  2. This blog is very nice and informative.Thank you for the great story.

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