Travel Photo Contest – Mukul Dudeja

Mukul Dudeja

©Mukul Dudeja

This was taken on a trip to Australia’s Red Centre. I was in a terrible state of mind, having been rejected by the woman I wished to be betrothed to. All I could feel at the time was pain, longing, and terrible sadness. The only outlet for all those feelings was photography. I consider this to be my most significant image to date. Not only was it shot with an intent to portray my feelings, it also happens to be the only image I’ve been able to pre-visualize in it’s final state before I even shot it.

Location – Remote campsite near Kings Canyon (Wattarka), Northern Territory, Australia.


2 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Mukul Dudeja”

  1. Not sure what it says about me… but I love it. The mood, the photo and story. Thanks for sharing this personal photo and time in your life.

    As a photo I think it captures Kings Canyon well… has a mood from another time. Like the aboriginal people who’s place it is.

    Well done,


  2. Karthick Ramachandran Says:

    Love this picture, Mukul! the moon, overall composition and the dry weather. Man, just amazing. The personal story just brings so much out of this beautiful picture.

    Great Capture.. Cheers!

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