Travel Photo Contest – John Fujimagari

John Fujimagari

John Fujimagari

My cell phone camera was my first digital camera. I soon grew dissatisfied with phone pix, and longed for more megapixels. I finally got a Nikon D80 in late 2007 and made a New Year’s Resolution to return to Arizona. Inspired by Ansel Adams, Tony Hillerman and Louis L’Amour; I planned to see much of the Four Corners area. The reality of time constraints forced me to pare down much of my original itinerary. Finally late in the fall of 2008, I still managed to visit at least one special place in each of four corner states. One of the most memorable and most enjoyable for me was Monument Valley, Utah. Monument Valley lies within the Navajo Nation. Hiring a Navajo guide gives you access to areas not open to the public. My guide brought me close to the base of the Totem Poles and Yei Bii Chai just as the sun was setting and the moon was rising.


3 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – John Fujimagari”

  1. aswirly Says:

    I love how you captured the moon there rising next to the poles. Love too the off center comp. Such a pretty scene.

  2. Wow, nice one John! The light in this scene is awesome, I want to go here even more now!

  3. […] This is a crop that was suggested to me by Darwin last November on his Fire and Ice Photo Tour. You can see this image and my comments on Darwin’s Blog. I hope David likes […]

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