Weekly Photo – July 2

Because of the holiday long weekend I forgot to post a weekly photo for last week so here it is this week a few days late! You know,  photographer’s should get vacations like everyone else but we always seem to be processing images or sending out invoices or doing taxes or fighting to get our six month overdue invoices paid… we seem less and less to be able to actually make photos but I digress.

The photo below was made on the Extreme Saskatchewan tour. I used a Rebel T2i (test camera) with the new Sigma 8-16mm. This image was made by blending 5 different exposures using Exposure Fusion in Photomatix.To read more about how exposure fusion differs from HDR read this.

©Darwin Wiggett


6 Responses to “Weekly Photo – July 2”

  1. Cool shot, I really like the perspective and how you can really see what’s outside through the window..cool

  2. Darwin,
    You should really look into getting affiliate plans for Photomatix andSilver Fx. That sure could help you and all of us as you provide such great examples with those plug-ins.

  3. I know this house. I photographed it while visiting the Great Sandhills last year. This unexpected find provided about half a day of fascinating photography. It has made it harder to ignore abandoned houses ever since!

  4. I love this shot! I bought the magazine you suggested and I finally understand how to do the exposure fusion. Thanks to you! 😀

  5. Wow, great stuff here Darwin, awesome site, very helpful indeed.

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