The Daily Snap – July 8

©Darwin Wiggett

Sunrise from yesterday taken near Cochrane, Alberta. Canon G11 with a Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer and a Singh-Ray 2-stop hard-step grad over the sky. To see how I use grads in the field go here.


11 Responses to “The Daily Snap – July 8”

  1. M Dawson Says:

    Darwin, I just recently acquired my G11 and started using my Singh Ray filters with it. The LB warming polarizer + any grad produces a very strong magenta color cast. Do you find any similar issues? I open the raw files in Lightroom and with or without the filters they look a little washed out. Perhaps I should use the Canon software? I am a Nikon guy (shudder at the thought, I know) and have not had any such issues unless I mix Singh Ray & other brands.

    As always, this is a wonderful picture.

    • Hendrik Says:

      I don’t have problems when I use the warming polarizer, but I just started replacing my Cokin ND filters with SR ND filters and also noticed having a magenta color cast (using them on a D300).

  2. Just beautiful. The color gradation from cool to light is ethereal.

  3. Sweeeeeeet light Darwin! I need to get out and take advantage of some of these skies we have been having lately!


  4. What a beautiful sunrise, I like the colors

  5. How far out of Cochrane is this? Its hard enough getting up to catch the sunrise but if you had to drive a long way…yeesh. I know I know…you must suffer for good art…. 🙂

  6. Darwin, your getting some pretty amazing photo’s with the G11, congrats.

    I really like your included filter info, those filter holders are pretty handy !

  7. Very nice colors. Yes, getting to a location before sunrise is just part of the job.

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