The Print and the Process Monographs

David duChemin over at the Pixelated Image has created a couple of new “Monographs” that are part of his Print and Process series. The premise of The Print and Process Monographs is to give images a place to stand on their own followed by a discussion of the creative vision behind the process. In essence the photographer creates a body of themed photographs and then gives personal anecdotes about the why and the how in the making of the images. David’s first monograph was on Venice and it had an underlying them of loneliness. David states in the introduction:

Venice is visually stunning. It’s also considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. And I was there alone, not to shoot the romance, but the loneliness. After a series of Italian workshops, I stayed in Venice to pursue a personal project, one that became these images. I was alone— even lonely—in Venice, and wanted I to shoot the city as I experienced it: through the lens of my solitary presence there, in my loneliness.

What I like about the monograph was not only the engaging imagery but also how David’s mindset helped capture a visually cohesive mood. As well, I loved reading about his creative voice in the making of the images and also getting some of his gritty little tech tips in the making of the images.

Today, David is releasing his second monograph in the series entitled Safari. This monograph is essentially a fish out of water tale of David in Kenya on safari shooting wildlife, landscapes and journalistic people scenes. This is not the David we know! I love his tales of having to stretch himself and move beyond his visual expectations. I could totally relate with David’s struggles to slow down, take it in, and get to a deeper foundation photographically rather than just machine-gun through the trip. There are great lessons in the monograph for anyone who just fills memory cards full of shallow images due to the novelty of the adventure. I especially like David’s new concept he calls “Layers of Impact” which he describes as:

a photograph goes from mediocre to good to great depending on the strength of the layers of impact. You can do this two ways. The first is to multiply the layers of impact, as in a well-composed (layer one) photograph that has a beautiful moment (layer two) captured in beautiful light (layer three). The second is to have one layer so strong that you really need nothing else, as in a grab shot of a moment of such intensity, that nothing— not even focus nor so-called perfect exposure—would increase the impact.

I really enjoyed David’s discussion and concept of Layers of Impact and will adopt his thinking in my shooting.

Beyond the personal growth and creative challenges David faced in Kenya there were the practicalities of gear choice and use. Anyone who travels and anyone who goes on safari agonizes forever about what to bring and what to leave behind especially given weight and baggage restrictions. I learned a lot from David’s experience and will use Safari as a reference for my own travel packing.

And finally The Print and the Process Monographs give us photographers something else to think about. That is, the PDF (or eBook)  as a mechanism to publish our own stories or themed work. There is great power in the PDF with vast distribution over the web where our work can reach many eyes beyond what we could ever expect through traditional book publishing. The e-publishing model allows us to share more personal work, more specialized topics and smaller projects with others. David’s Safari has reignited in me the desire and need to learn programs like Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat Pro so I can share some of my stories as PDF eBooks with the world. I recommend anyone interested in being  inspired by another photographer’s work check out both monographs by David.

If you use the promotional code SAFARI4 on the link below when you checkout, you can have SAFARI, A Monograph for only $4 OR use the code SAFARI20 to get 20% off when you buy 5 or more books from the Craft & Vision collection. These codes expire at 11:59pm PST JULY 11, 2010.

Of course readers of this blog know they can also get  20% of any combo of 5 of David’s Craft and Vision e-Books until July 30th by using the code CDNLAND20

Click here to see all The Craft and Vision Titles.

©David duChemin


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  1. What a great ebook, well worth the download, invaluable in fact. He hit the nail on the head on so many levels. Thanks for posting this Darwin.

  2. Great infos, thank you very much!

  3. amazing stuff thxs 🙂

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