Travel Photo Contest – Richard Siggins

Richard Siggins

©Richrad Siggins

Mono Lake Sunset

This was taken on June 15 of this year. My wife and I were vacationing in Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks in California and decided to take a trip over to the East side of the park. I wanted to go out to Mono Lake to get shots of the Tufa at sunset, but our dinner ran a little long. After dinner I was in a rush to get there for the sunset and got pulled over for running a stop sign. Frustrated I almost turned around but my wife convinced me to go on to the lake. When we got there I grabbed the camera and tripod and ran for the lake shore. I got this about a minute after arriving and the light was gone a couple minutes later. We were there at the perfect time to get this lenticular cloud over the lake lit up by the last rays of light from the sun.

Besides being a beautiful picture, when you consider the cost of the ticket this is also the most expensive shot I’ve ever taken. That makes it pretty special.


14 Responses to “Travel Photo Contest – Richard Siggins”

  1. wow! Breathtaking! You should be proud of this shot, it is quite impressive. 🙂

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  3. Sorry that you got the ticket, but man is it beautiful!

  4. yardstick Says:

    Fantastic. Love it. Nice story too.

  5. Richard 🙂
    This is by far one of the best pix I have ever seen
    It is right up my alley as far as colour schemes go
    I LOVE IT!!!
    And as Anne stated prior, you should be very proud of this shot !!!
    Happy Shooting !!

  6. A spectacular photo! It’s interesting, well exposed, perfect composition, and has the “WOW” asthetic quality.

  7. Olivier Says:

    This s just the most amazing picture ever! Breathtaking

  8. WOW!! That cloud is so surreal, and the color in it is just awesome. Great work!

  9. Landscape photography at its best! This is an exceptional photograph. Just think…if you hadn’t been stopped for the ticket, you might not have been in this particular spot at the right moment to capture this. I think stuff like that is fated!

  10. Stephane Hachey Says:

    Impressive! I wish all sunsets looked like that. Well I suppose it wouldn’t be as special if they where. Deffinetly worth the ticket.

  11. Gorgeous shot! Love how the clouds frame the rock formations. Just beautiful!

  12. Stunning! Cloud formations change everyday and this is a once in a life time shot. Ticket was well worth it =)

  13. Simply stunning! One of the best sunset shots I’ve ever seen. The cloud almost looks like a space ship. The shot almost makes the ticket worth it.

  14. wow, that’s some awesome cloud–Stupendous

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